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Trying To Be Skinny Is The Worst!

You are a perfectly wonderful person and you know it…………. So where do these horrible thoughts come from? You know , the ones that make you hate your darling thin girlfriend with a red hot hate.  The ones that make you despise the precious child sitting next to you as they chow down their macaroni Read More

Judy DiVincenzo Alonzo

Editor in Chief A lifelong passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started in her early 20’s but really kicked in once her two children came into the world. Fueled by a passion for creating and modeling a healthy lifestyle for her children, she became an avid reader of health related publications. She was making Read More

Wendy O’Lenic

Fitness Editor Wendy O’Lenic is the owner and founder of Wendy Fit Yoga and Pilates Studio in Oldsmar Florida since 2005. Wendy’s love of yoga began with her passion to dance. She started her professional dance career in 1979 performing with a Vegas Dance Review, “Viva Variety” and “Hello Vegas”. After she returned to Tampa Read More

Brian Duprey

Advisory Board Brian Duprey is a NYC based makeup artist who has applied makeup to some of the world’s most beautiful faces. The list of women and men that he has worked on includes numerous celebrities, top fashion models, and famous individuals in many diverse fields! Brian is in high demand and his work has Read More

Mitzi Gill

Advisory Board Mitzi Gill has been in the Real Estate Industry close to 30 years. In 1987, she opened The Reserve at Tampa Palms handling the sale of the luxury home sites. In 1994, Mitzi joined Avila Realty. In 2004 she joined Smith and Associates Real Estate and has been there ever since. Mitzi’s expertise Read More

Dr. Julie M. Janssen

Advisory Board Dr. Julie currently directs the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts, which supports and presents all genres of performing arts at the Mahaffey Theatre in St Petersburg, Florida including funding arts education for school children. Dr. Julie M. Janssen, past Superintendent for Pinellas County Schools, has been an educator for nearly 40 years. Read More

Jim Duprey

Advisory Board Celebrity Stylist Jim Duprey, has worked with a celebrity list that includes America Ferrera, Jackie Evancho and David Foster. He is the owner of Jim Duprey Salon in St Petersburg, Florida. As a Hairstylist and salon owner for 26 years, Jim has worked with countless clients in the Print, Theater and Television industries, Read More

Dr. Jeanne DiVincenzo

Advisory Board Dr. DiVincenzo is a clinical psychologist. One of her significant areas of specialty is working with women throughout their lifespan. Among others, a key aspect approach is assisting clients in understanding how physical wellness and exercise can positively impact their mood, self-concept, and overall well-being. She is experienced in both inpatient and outpatient Read More

Dr. Michael O’Neal

Advisory Board Dr. O’Neal received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida (USF), and medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. Residency training was completed at the USF College of Medicine, where he was elected the Chief Resident. Dr. O’Neal has published more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed scientific Read More

Sheila Hanna

Advisory Board Born in Hampshire, England in 1962, Sheila learned to swim at an early age. After achieving all the badges and certificates for swimming and life saving, she turned to synchronized swimming to carry on her passion. After years of dedication and intense training, she became Hampshire Champion, and at the age of 12 she Read More

Dr. Kenneth Arthur Wallace

Advisory Board Dr. Kenneth Arthur Wallace lll is a Board Certified, Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon Diplomat, and Member of the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Work Experience Medical Director 2013-present Daystar Skin and Cancer Center 4545 Pleasant Hill Road, Kissimmee, FL Co-Owner 2013-present Hillcrest Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Centers 130 Hillcrest Street, Orlando, FL Dermatologist Read More

Wendy La Torre

Advisory Board Wendy has extensive experience in marketing, sales and management, specifically, in the direct response market. Starting with management for Tony Little Enterprises in 1994 she went on to direct a division with 180 employees for a national fitness chain. Wendy then created her own line of women’s fitness products which she sold successfully Read More

“Real-Food” February!

What is Real-Food February? (#realfoodfebruary) Real-Food February is a one month Commitment to Healthy Living… which leads to Happy Living, and Feeling Great Living, and Looking Great Living! We believe that looking good and Sassy comes in great part from feeling fit and healthy and that’s why we hope that this is the year that Read More

Hormones, Weight Loss, and Body Types – and Some Surprising News about Weight Gain

 Dr. Olivia Joseph is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating and this amazing video shows that passion. She loves teaching her patients about how diet and lifestyle can profoundly impact health, and in her words, she “loves hormonal women!” With particular empathy for women starting peri-menopause or in menopause, one of the things she focuses Read More

How to Live a Sassy Life!

The beginning of the year is always an easy time to assess where you’ve been and where you are going, and most importantly where you WANT to go. If living a SASSY life is important, defining what that means feels appropriate this month.  There can be several components to a Sassy lifestyle but really what Read More

Kim Artozqui

When we asked Kim to be our Sassy Profile of the month we knew she had lost weight, but had no idea what had motivated her and how open she would be about the inner battles she faced. We realized we had made a great choice. Kim’s open and honest story speaks to every one Read More

Profile of the Month – Jolyn Schweitzer

Jolyn Schweitzer is a woman who was thin all her life, until her body changed due to age and stress in her 50’s. She has shared her story about how she learned to regain her health and physique! All my life was underweight – 5’9” and 115 pounds.  People would make remarks like “you’re so Read More

I Forgot About Khaki!!!

This past winter has been pretty dreary and it felt like the cold, snowy weather across most of the country would never end. I was sitting at my computer, hoping I could find something that would remind us that there is a light, or in this case, a Ray (of sunshine) at the end of Read More

Pat Perzel: Business Owner! Forensic Accountant! She Shares Secrets to Managing Career Stress and Looking Great at the Same Time

Pat Perzel is a very beautiful AND very accomplished woman. Her reputation for excellence as a noted forensic accountant in her community puts her services in high demand. She balances career and husband/family and living a fit lifestyle. Pat appears to have the total package in control, so naturally we want to know how she Read More

Interview with a Yoga Goddess

How do we get your abs? A huge part of our focus at S3! is staying fit to feel and look our best. It turns out that Yoga is a solution for many fitness related issues for both beginners as well as advanced athletes. We spoke with Wendy O’Lenic, the owner of Wendy Fit Yoga Read More

A Special Letter From the Editor

A Special Letter from the Editor: Enjoy the Holidays, My Dear Sassters! We did it! We got through another year! Every year brings it’s joys, its hardships, and certainly its annoyances. We struggle with balancing everything in our life!  This year, I hope you take a minute with me to enjoy the ride! Getting another year Read More

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is so popular these days, but what if you haven’t had the chance to give it a try. You may need a little info before you get started! There are several different styles of yoga which makes it much easier to find one that fits your physical capabilities and your interests. One way to Read More

Choosing The Right Yoga Clothing

We, as women, know that no matter how old we get we still want to stay in shape, look good while doing it and – most importantly – feel comfortable during the process. One of the popular things to do to keep in shape is participate in yoga, which is a physical, mental and spiritual Read More

Sassy Spender vs Sassy Saver- Sweaters!

Fall is just around the corner and we are really excited about some cooler weather….because we get to pull out our sweaters!!!! One of our favorite articles this month is our leggings article, so we decided to find some sweaters that would look great with leggings! Enjoy! Sassy Saver: Sheinside Black Lapel Sweater $24.50 Sheinside Black Lapel Read More

In Search Of: The Best Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are not only functional during yoga stretches, they have become a go-to on lazy Sunday afternoons, quick runs to the supermarket, and days when you just can’t be bothered to wear anything restrictive. With this versatility, they need to be comfortable as well as flattering and quickly ascend to a top priority in Read More

Apply Foundation like a Pro

Make up tips from Brian Duprey Brian Duprey is a NY based makeup artist who has applied makeup to some of the world’s most beautiful women. The list of celebrities that he has worked on is crazy impressive, and includes many women that are in the S3! category such as Donatella Versace, Andie McDowell, and Read More

NY Fashion Week Shoes

SassySpender vs SassySaver Welcome to our monthly personal shopper! How much we spend on fashion can be different for each of us and can change on the item, or budget or mood. Whether you are a SassySpender or a SassySaver,  you CAN look sassy all the time. S3! finds the trends you love at the Read More

Letter from the Fitness Editor

How To Begin! Let me Be Blunt! Stop the excuses! It is never to late to begin an exercise program! Think about it……our health is really the only thing we have control over! There are always demands being put on us as women. It seems to be part of our DNA to try and make Read More

Really Rid of Wrinkles!

Can you really get rid of wrinkles? The answer is a loud yes! S3! went to Radiance Medspa in Belleair Bluffs, Florida to get some information and advice regarding the very popular wrinkle treatment Botox. S3!’s unscientific study seems to indicate that “everyone” is doing Botox. “I’m going for my Botox today!” seems to be Read More

Don’t Be Misled By the Anti-Aging Hype! Facts You Need to Know About Skin Care Products before You Buy Another!

Women are certainly bombarded with marketing about skin care products. You can’t watch TV or open a magazine without promises of a more youthful appearance and fading wrinkles. But what is hype and what is truth? Can women really expect results from today’s skin care products? What expectations are reasonable? Are there really any miracles Read More

Yes, You CAN Wear Leggings and Tights!

I have recently heard some worries about wearing leggings/tights. By their very definition, they are “tight” and that seems to intimidate some people. But actually, they can be VERY slimming when worn correctly. And they are super versatile! They can work for daytime, evening, casual and dressy. Even business. And they are usually super comfortable. Read More

Why Growing Older is NOT the Problem!

It seems that many of us approach getting older (even when we are not THAT old) with a bit of sadness, remorse, or even fear. Changes occur, aches and pains appear, and body systems start “acting up” in some way or the other.  We can’t deny the fact that time does a  “power walk” forward. Read More

My “Not” A Resolution

If you are anything like me, the holidays are a mix of the best and the worst. Somehow in a few short weeks we stuff in love, family, friends, parties, gifts and tons of yummy food and drink. But when January rolls around that hectic pace of overload on our hearts, schedule and stomachs comes Read More

Yoga- My Fountain of Youth

My first yoga class was a happy accident over 10 years ago. A friend had been strongly encouraging me to go to yoga. I didn’t have much interest in his suggestions. Coming of (fitness) age in the 80’s, I was proud of my tough, warrior attitude when it came to working out, and I didn’t Read More