Breakthrough Yoga Clothes for Women! (you don’t have to be a fitness model to look amazing in our yoga wear)

At we believe that worrying about what yoga clothes to wear to your next yoga class or to the gym should never happen. Other yoga apparel stores may have cute styles, and some may be well-made, but somehow those yoga clothes just don’t feel always right. They don’t always make us feel great about Read More

Trying To Be Skinny Is The Worst!

You are a perfectly wonderful person and you know it…………. So where do these horrible thoughts come from? You know , the ones that make you hate your darling thin girlfriend with a red hot hate.  The ones that make you despise the precious child sitting next to you as they chow down their macaroni Read More

Is it More Dangerous to Work Out as We Get Older?

I was running down my favorite running route; a sidewalk  path with a gorgeous water view. I felt euphoric. I was feeling awesome about myself and was mentally patting myself on the back. “Ya, I’m doing this. “I feel strong.” But yes, pride goeth before a splat, and about 30 seconds later I was down Read More

The Tale of Two Yogic Women (or) Can We Evolve from Our Cave-Chick Ancestry?

Very recently I was taking a yoga class from my long time friend and yoga guru, Wendy. I have practiced yoga on and off for 10 years with Wendy, and even during the times I take a break, she remains one of the voices in my head.  She is a fabulous teacher, and she is Read More

Beauty Rehab – Kicking Our Old Beauty Habits

Rehab means using Inner Strength to leave old habits behind. Tired, old beauty habits make us look tired and old, even if back in the day they totally worked to get us high on our look! Girl, give up that comfortable old habit to discover your best look. Recovery is never easy! But here are Read More

The Absolutely, Positively Real, Anti-Aging Product that just Costs Pennies a Day!

The title to this article is a pretty strong boast and we have been taught that if it is too good to be true – it is. But there is an undisputed product that is generally very inexpensive compared to other skin care that will actually prevent aging! If you could absolutely, positively, prevent some Read More

The Motivation Trick – How to Stay Motivated to Do your Workout!

A personal friend, and friend of the site recently posted the above question to her facebook page. Now, Christine is both beautiful and very fit. It’s hard to believe that she needs any motivation. But Christine is not the only one. Her very honest request for help from her friends illustrates that both the fit, Read More

Losing Weight During Menopause -Impossible? Maybe Not!

I will tell you the conclusion right at the beginning of the story.  Over time – I lost weight during menopause! Now, full disclosure – I am not by any means saying that I didn’t experience changes and yes weight issues were one of them, but at the end of the day – I didn’t Read More

Yoga Attire and Workout Wear Designed with the Real Woman In Mind!

It’s finally here! Still Sassy Sister has launched the line of yoga pants and yoga tops that is designed with the Real Woman in mind. Around my 50th birthday I started experiencing the changes that most of us women do. I wasn’t thrilled to find out that along with other changes that menopause was bringing, Read More

Always Looking Fabulous: How To Find The Best Yoga Clothing

In today’s normal everyday hustle and bustle, many people find relaxation in yoga. However with that hustle and bustle comes errands run to and from yoga class, putting yourself in the face of numerous strangers and the slim chance of running into someone you know. Bottom line: you want to be wearing the best yoga Read More