Breakthrough Yoga Clothes for Women! (you don’t have to be a fitness model to look amazing in our yoga wear)

At we believe that worrying about what yoga clothes to wear to your next yoga class or to the gym should never happen. Other yoga apparel stores may have cute styles, and some may be well-made, but somehow those yoga clothes just don’t feel always right. They don’t always make us feel great about ourselves!

You want your yoga pants and yoga tops  (and other fitness wear)  to act like a BFF, but sometimes they are act more like a mean girl if you feel self conscious about how they fit.

The research we have put into our line has yielded some of the best-designed yoga clothes  and fitness wear you will ever find! We all have things about our body that we don’t like, real or imagined. Our line has been designed to work around those common concerns in the tummy, butt and thighs so that you feel awesome. Our designs look great on Real women of all shapes sizes and ages. We “fit test” every piece – on all sizes. This means that there are real woman trying on every piece in our line. And knowing that all bodies are not exactly the same, we use several women in the same size to make sure that it is great on every body type. This takes a lot of time effort (and cost!) for a young company, but to us it’s worth it. And we are not afraid to reject a piece – even at the end of the process -if its just not working for us!

We are dedicated to making women feel great in their fitness wear. We hope to add confidence to your day when you put us on, not the opposite effect that so many of us have experienced! Browse through our pics to discover the great styles we have designed just for you. And there are more yoga clothes on the way! Shop Now!