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Kim Artozqui

When we asked Kim to be our Sassy Profile of the month we knew she had lost weight, but had no idea what had motivated her and how open she would be about the inner battles she faced. We realized we had made a great choice. Kim’s open and honest story speaks to every one Read More

Profile of the Month – Jolyn Schweitzer

Jolyn Schweitzer is a woman who was thin all her life, until her body changed due to age and stress in her 50’s. She has shared her story about how she learned to regain her health and physique! All my life was underweight – 5’9” and 115 pounds.  People would make remarks like “you’re so Read More

Sassy Sister, Veronica Cardinale Ellinger: Balancing Career, Family, Food, Fitness, and Fun!

When we think about the qualities that make up a Sassy Sister, the following come to mind: a woman who is multifaceted, who recognizes the quality of life gained by a healthy lifestyle, who enjoys looking her best. She has passions and interests including the people in her life, and who is accomplished in some Read More

Pat Perzel: Business Owner! Forensic Accountant! She Shares Secrets to Managing Career Stress and Looking Great at the Same Time

Pat Perzel is a very beautiful AND very accomplished woman. Her reputation for excellence as a noted forensic accountant in her community puts her services in high demand. She balances career and husband/family and living a fit lifestyle. Pat appears to have the total package in control, so naturally we want to know how she Read More

Erin DiVincenzo: Inspired By What We Can Do, Not How We Look!

How does a woman with three teenage daughters, who is (almost) 50, regain (and exceed) the fitness level of her youth?   Erin is truly an inspiration to those of us who want to find our “fit persona” once again. Read her story: I am a Title IX kid *– born at the right time.  Read More