As someone who always thought that fitness is a key to confidence and energy,  I also saw there were a lot of women who didn’t like their fitness wear. I wanted to create super cute fitness wear, that looked great on all ages, shapes, and sizes!

For example, even though they loved the comfort of yoga pants, they didn’t always feel that they looked great in them. Many of the real women I spoke to in my gym and yoga studio weren’t happy with the design of their fitness wear.

I started to wonder if women could enjoy their workouts more, if their fitness clothes looked and fit better? Could cute and well fitting clothes be an active part of encouraging women as they pursued their lifestyle goals? Was it possible to actually improve the designs? After more than a year of re-engineering yoga pants and tops, I started Still Sassy Sister fitness wear for all the REAL women out there.

Lets face it, if you pull on some yoga pants and you are worrying that your tummy is spilling over the top, or your butt doesn’t look good, you are distracted from your purpose – to have a healthy life!

And I hated the idea that if a woman isn’t super thin, that she didn’t feel beautiful. While I first started this with women just my age in mind, I started to hear that there was a need in every age group, so I expanded the project to include all women who want better fitting fitness wear.
Real women are all ages, shapes and sizes, and the pursuit of a healthy life is so important for both our bodies and our head. I love the confidence that a workout brings to us. That confidence shines vividly and spills over into our whole life. Now that is REAL beauty! is here to put the Fit Back into Fitness Wear for all the Real women out there!