Wendy O’Lenic talks about Still Sassy Sister Yoga Wear!

We were thrilled when Wendy O’Lenic agreed to be on our Advisory Board. (Wendy’s credentials include decades of study of with noted Yoga Masters, Degrees in Exercise Physiology and she is an accredited and noted instructor trainer as well. She owns her highly regarded studio that has received national acclaim with her numerous television appearances, instructional videos, and teacher trainings throughout the USA)

We knew that our designs would be under tough scrutiny with Wendy in the house, and we are thrilled to hear that we passed with flying colors. Indeed, Wendy wears our clothes herself, as well as recommending them to her students.

Read Wendy’s full bio on our advisory page, or if you are in the Tampa Bay area check out her beautiful studio and all the amazing classes they offer there (find her at www.wendyfit.com)

Still Sassy Sister Yoga Wear Inspiration

Hear about the design inspirations for our Yoga Wear line!

It was created to put the “Fit” back into fitness wear for women. Women of every age want fitness wear that is cute and engineered properly – so that we Feel Great and Look Great while we work out!

We believe that you don’t have to look like you are 20 to be beautiful and confident in your fitness wear!

Judy Talks About the Design and Great Fit of Still Sassy Sister Yoga Tops

Watch this video to hear about the inspiration for our first yoga tops and what you can expect when you wear them.

It all came from a frustration that I was buying larger tops to accommodate some of the shift of weight that menopause brought, but those bigger tops that were actually too big and just didn’t really fit correctly in chest and shoulders or anywhere!

I wanted tops that fit and that made me feel good during my yoga class!

What Makes Still Sassy Sister Yoga Pants Different

This video talks about the inspiration for our signature pant. It came from an almost universal desire from women to keep our butts lifted, cover our tummies, and feel comfortable at the same time while we are in yoga class (or any athletic workout).

After over a year of design trial and error, we found a design that did all those things…and the compliments started coming right away!

Still Sassy Sister Intro

One of my first videos talking about the importance of fitness for women as we age and a bit about how we should be there for each other!